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Today, using a large sandbag
With the "Jun-zuki" (left jab) in front of the "unusual technique" I want to do a series of "Jun-zuki to Gyaku-geri" kick attacks.which is less practiced.

普通、Usually, a combination of "Gyaku-zuki to Gyaku-geri(kicks)" is performed at Shorinji kempoという
The "Ren-geri" is the usual way.

Reverse thrust and reverse kick are like a set,
Are practicing.

However, this "Jun-zuki and Gyaku-geri" kick attacks It is a technique that can be used normally in the "Unyo-ho" method of Shorinji Kempo.
It's often used in "randori sparring".

By aiming at the "Maai" (reducing the distance) in a "Jun-zuki",
You can apply a "Gyaku-geri" effectively.


Today, using a large sandbag,
I want to do a set of kicks using "Jun-zuki and Gyaku-geri".which is less practiced.

Normally, in Shorinji Kempo, "Gyaku-zuki to Gyaku-geri"
This is the usual way.

It ’s "Gyaku-zuki ➡ Gyaku-geri".

However, as an unusual technique for this "Gyaku-zuki ➡ Gyaku-geri"
There is a "Jun-zuki to Gyaku-geri".

This is very effective.

By reducing the distance in a "Jun-zuki",
You can apply a "Jun-zuki ➡ Gyaku-geri".を決めます。

You can apply a "Jun-zuki ➡ Gyaku-geri".で決めます。

You can apply a "Jun-zuki ➡ Gyaku-geri".
By Measuring the distance with a left jab You can apply a "Gyaku-geri".
You can apply a "Gyaku-geri".

In this way, by aiming for reducing the distance in a "Jun-zuki",順突きで間合いを図ることで、
You can apply a "Gyaku-geri".

The key to successful tactics
The reverse kick must be intense.

In tactics mainly based on kicks due to "Unyo-ho", The key point is that the kick is intense.
To some extent,from a long distance Close the distance and hit the kick.を決めます。

In Muay Thai, it's time for a front kick,
To some extent,it is long distance.です。

From a long distance, by reducing the distance,
Which is coming, forward or backward,
Make the other party confused.

Please practice like this.

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